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Saturday, June 21, 2008


This has been one of my favorite bags: the LuChris Rag Bag! It sold to a good friend, so I am happy that it has a happy (and VERY stylish!) home. Much more colorful than my previous avatar, I've now adapted and adopted it for my NEW Avatar!

It is also very special because the rags, or strips of fabric used to knit the bag were dyeing samples that another friend made from various classes she's taken around the country. She was throwing them out before moving, but I stopped her, cut the strips on the bias, knotted them together, and then knitted them to create this bearty. It is an extremely arduous process! But the results are quite stunning.

I have another under way, but I must admit it's been under way since November. The strips are cut, some are connected, but the work is so tough on the hands that I can only knit about 4 - 5 rows at one sitting. Maybe it will be done by Christmas - a good thing since it's has a holiday feel to it! Wish me luck! Here is the work in progress.

My other news is that I'll be away for a week now - for multiple purposes. First, I'll visit my best friend in PA, play a little tennis, see her children and grandchildren, go to our favorite flea market- RICE's in New Hope, PA, and then travel with her to Western MA. There, she'll visit with family while I embark on my new fiber art adventure, and then finally, we'll go on to Ayer to retrieve my daughter (and her dog) to come back to NC for the summer.

So....the new fiber art! It's NUNO FELTING, and I have commissioned Jean Gauger of sugarplumoriginals and here to teach me! I am very excited about this and so look forward to meeting and working with Jean. Consequently, I'll will report on all of this once back.

Until next week...................!

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