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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My FIRST Ever PATTERN! Cachecol, I LOVE you!

I DID it! I wrote, tested, and "published" my first pattern - ever! Since all my creations are original design, and because the cachecol has been so popular, I decided to try my hand at writing a pattern for this short, irregularly shaped scarflette or neckwarmer. NOT SO EASY!!!

If the pattern of this design were rigid and very defined, it would have been easier to describe. BUT....the very nature of my design is R A N D O M !!! This means that there really is no way to clearly direct someone else to recreate it. So I wrote it as clearly as possible and had two of my "Stitch" friends test it out. They both complained that it was initially confusing. "OK," I said, "Just try it out and follow the directionas best you cans!" They persisted in their efforts! One produced TWO very cute cachecols; the other managed to do one during our Stitch meeting last night! They were both quite thrilled! And, of course, so was I.

Both Carol and Joan gave me some clarifications, which I incorporated into the PDF file today. The worst part for me was remembering how to save my Word doc as a PDF file. I finally figured it out and voila! The pattern is listed on ETSY! Thanks, Carol and Joan!

To celebrate writing and listing this pattern, I created a Treasury West today that honors those who writer knitting patterns. It can be seen here through Friday morning.

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Bejeweled said...

Great scarf!!!! Love the free flowing design of it.

Congrats on producing your first pattern! Wishing you many, many sales of it!

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