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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Arizona and Back!

I wish I had time to publish the entire log of our trip to Sedona, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, and Prescott AZ - but I don't - at least not at the moment. I am still trying to get my husband to view the 600+ photos that we all took - none of which come close to capturing the grandeur and magnificence of the wonder of the world.

But I tried to create a piece of art from the ruins of Tusayan, influenced by fiber art I saw in Sedona and elsewhere. I failed! And that after spending the entire afternoon trying. I loved the stick and know what I would like to achieve - but somehow I can't get it. Here is the result - called Tusayan Ruin. Maybe just "Ruin" would be a better choice!

The next photo shows an arrangement I quickly put together in my family room, consisting of my Ruin, a wonderful new piece of fiber art I purchased by Dee Durkee of Sedona, a clay vessel and forged iron stand by Virginia McKinney of Gatlinsburg, TN, and a small bowl from the hands of my husband. The rest of the arrangement (not shown here) is two Long Island original old oils from the Idle Hour School of Art in Oakdale, NY.

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Scarf It Up! said...

Just an addendum: I cannibalized the "Ruin" and will "rebuild" it once I take all the possibilities under consideration.

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