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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Lulicade Goddess Dilemma!

The unique long-distance collaboration (NM, NC, NJ) of three Etsy artists to produce Lulicade Goddess - not just once, but twice! - leaves us all with the dilemma of deciding who should list it on Etsy. Sand Fibers and Scarf It Up (Carol and Louise) decided to offer it up to our blog readers to help us decide. ( it kosher for BOTH of us to list it and just see if it sells from one of our shops. We are not sure if this meets Etsy's TOS.)

So....we are both posting it to our respective blogs and hope that your comments will help us resolve this dilemma. I currently have Lulicade Goddess in my possession, but no matter really, because if Carol sells it, I am happy to ship it. You can comment about this here or on Sandfibers' blog. Thanks to Carol Dean Sharpe for her magnificent photos of this piece.

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triz said...

really, really beautiful!!! great collaboration!!!

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