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Monday, March 03, 2008


Our community is a HUGE supporter of Relay for Life, and among other activities to support the American Cancer Society, we hold a Fashion Show and Silent Auction. For the second year in a row, I have been part of the coordinating committee for the silent auction, soliciting items from (primarily) the artistic community. And we ARE an artsy bunch!

Last year, I worked on this event also, but never made it to the show itself because my husband was in the hospital. Although we spent yesterday at the Emergency Room, he is OK, and I WILL be there for the Mar 20 event.

Although I have never worked as a fundraiser, I may have missed my calling! And although it is not my favorite thing to do - solicit anything from anyone! - I've been extremely successful! This astounds me! And pleases me, because whatever items we collect will be auctioned off, all proceeds of which go to the ACS, and 80% of their collections go to research on this dreaded disease. No one is NOT touched by this disease: I lost my mother to it 20 years ago; two sisters-in-law, one just this past summer!

So I am pleased with the 46 individual items/artwork/certificates that I've been able to collect. Here is my personal donation for the auction: Sac Sauvage bleu-vert!

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Carol Dean said...

Not the way you wanted to spend your weekend. I hope everything is truly okay!

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