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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Relay for Life at Porters Neck!

We live in a wonderful community of very active and very caring people, many retired from their careers but actively involved in larger community endeavors, events, causes, and fundraisers. For two years, I have been engaged in soliciting donations from the immediate as well as the larger Wilmington arts community for our Relay for Life Fashion Show and Silent Auction. While not a fundraiser by profession, I guess I acquired some of the family of origin's marketing skills, because among all the artists (and others!) whom I asked, only three people said no. So I was successful in soliciting about $4500 in mostly handcrafted art. And I just learned that the total take for the event - after expenses - was about $12,000.

I didn't think to take my own photos of the silent auction set-up (as I was too involved in the actual setting up!), but I know photos will come to me in a few days. I'll post them then. In the meantime, here are photos of my own creation/contribution, originally a wall hanging

It was hanging in Port City Pottery for quite some time, mounted on a vintage knitting needle, but when it didn't sell in that form, I decided to make a sac sauvage out of it.

Tony donated a large, GORGEOUS, ceramic salad bowl - that had been mine! Now he needs to make me a new one! AND there was so much interest in it that he has been encouraged to make more. He's thinking about bisquing several and then letting people choose their glaze. Here is his bowl.

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