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Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Beautiful Collaboration! Lulicade Goddess Necklace!

I must be losing it! I could have sworn that I blogged this, but then Carol Dean of Sandfibers blogged this today! I must be thinking of what I wrote when I listed this piece on Etsy this week.

In any event.....this is a collaborative effort between three Etsy artists (Scarfitup, Sandfibers, and LisaPetersArt): Lulicade Necklace. Sandfibers does a great job in her blog of explaining the name, so please go see for yourself.

Here is the's available only on Etsy....and it's pretty special, thanks to Carol and Lisa's artistry. Lisa created the button; Carol surrounded it with a magnificent bezel and bale, and I merely added the crocheted fiber and beads on the ends. What fun! I hope it brings us more ideas and more collaboration!

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