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Friday, August 17, 2007

Luchris Rag Bag - FINALLY done!

This is a special creation of the ragbag series. The fabric was hand-dyed by my friend, Christine, an accomplished fiber artist, who specializes in hand-dyed silks and rayons. She has studied extensively all over the country. She is moving soon and cleaning out her stash, so before she could discard her samples, I scooped them.

The process for creating this bag is not simple. First, the pieces have to be cut on the bias (requiring the purchase of a rotary cutter, board, and guide), then the strips are handknotted together to produce long "fibers" for knitting. The knitting is extremely difficult, as it is thick and cumbersome, but oh, so beautiful! It hurts the hands and so becomes a very extended process, since only a few rows can be accomplished at once. This one has taken me months to finish. I'm still looking for a more perfect button to finish it off.

This is the second of these bags I've done. This one will be available on Etsy later today.


Carol Dean said...


Pam Kellogg said...

Oh my gosh! Louise, that's gorgeous!

BTW - haven't forgotten about getting that button and sequins to you. Have had too much on my plate since we got back from Kentucky. Am caught up now so I'll get your package together and ship this week. I'm excited about having another of your gorgeous purses!

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