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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rusty Remnants

More Collaborative Efforts!
It's really exciting to be developing artwork with another person - once again with my husband, Tony! He was messing around with clay, trimming a piece and throwing the remnants onto the table in a pile. I happened to look at it, and immediately said, "THAT'S IT!!" "What?" he wanted to know. It was exactly what I'd wanted him to do - create an irregularly shaped, asymmetrical "blob" of clay to be used as a pendant on a fiber necklace. He totally didn't get it. But here are the results of our latest collaboration.
Well, that's all well and good! EXCEPT...the other morning I discovered tat the ceramic "blob" has a slightly different configuration, and a piece had broken off. Hmmmm....upset though I was (the grandchildren are visiting! - need I say more?), Tony filed the edge and I simply used a Sharpie to color it, glued the fiber part in place, and voila! It worked! Here is......RUSTY REMNANTS! .

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