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Saturday, July 28, 2007


I LOVE working with other artists to create unique, OOAK art-to-wear! In fact, I just love most art-to-wear! But it's really special when you can create something quite stunning from the work of another artist whose work you always admire. Such is the case of Sand Fibers.
Carol Dean has become my friend and collaborator! We have traded and purchased from one another. Her work just amazes me. I love to wear it and talk about it. Finally we decided to do some trading, and our emails have become journals of some of the trials and tribulations of our lives. It's a gratifying relationship among artists who appreciate one another's work. So here are some of the recent combos of Scarf It Up and Sand Fibers!

Her work is for sale online as indicated above. Mine is available at Scarf It Up and more is viewable on flickr.

1 comment:

Carol Dean said...

You add such life to these pendants, Louise! I just love the results :D

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