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Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Custom Wallhanging

I was asked to do a custom wallhanging in beige, black, cream, with touches of red. It is a larger one than any I have done in the past, and I'm not at all sure it's the way I expected. What if my customer doesn't like it or want it? It's been MANY hours and MANY, MANY yards of fiber. I could rip it out and start again if necessary, but what do others do when a custom piece doesn't meet the customer's satisfaction? Please comment?

I think I'll post this question on Etsy FAST and Knitters Review too! I am frustrated!


Knitted Gems said...

well, before I answered your question, I went looking through your photo album on flickr. I noticed that all of your other wall hangings are smaller in scale but use many more embellishments. This piece honored your client's color choice, but it seems to be lacking some of your normal funkiness. Was this intentional? Do you know where your client plans to display this piece? This might help to ease your fears and to tweek it, if necessary.
On the flip side, I love the texture of this piece. I think the colors complement each other well.
Should your client not like it, would you be willing to redo it? My opinion: I don't think you should. It seems to me that your client was fully well aware that you would have a "blank canvas". The end product is truly unique in the colors she wanted. You've accomplished exactly what you said you would. Case closed.

Liska said...

Well, I wouldn't pick the colours myself but that's the only negative thing I can find about it.
I guess that it's absolutely beautiful. And do not be nervous. The thing I had to learn when I was doing graphic design was that always it could have been different. Yes, you might have added beads. Or sequins. Or you might have done it otherwise. but it doesn't mean that this piece is bad.
If the client wanted it this way, then let her have it. It's nothing you should be ashamed of.
Maybe you neeed some chocolates to make you feel better.

Alpaca Granny said...

I think your wallhanging is lovely just the way it is. If your customer isn't happy with it - so be it, but don't rip it out what ever you do. I have a feeling that you are worrying too much.
I have had this feeling about custom orders before - just didn't quite meet my sense of design or whatever. Anyway, the customers have always (lucky for me) loved the painting.
See what he/she says......

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