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Friday, April 06, 2007

Artist's Statement

As part of the opening of Port City Pottery and Fine Crafts, the artists were asked to write an "Artist Statement." Since I have had difficulty considering myself an artist (although many others DO!), I struggled with this. First I researched to learn what such a statement IS. Then I struggled even more with developing one for myself.

The charge: write one that is 80 - 100 words! I'd have been fine if the charge were 1000 words or less, but do you realize how FEW words 100 are??? So I whipped out Word and started writing. The first version was 168 words (using Word Count). I whittled and whittled until I got down to 128. THEN I LOST THE WHOLE THING!!!!

But in the end................I worked some more and this is the result:

ARTIST STATEMENT - Louise Giordano & Scarf It Up!

Fiber is the fabric of life; knitting feeds and is the key to my soul! Through my fingers and fiber flows a vision to create functional, wearable fabric. The interplay of needles and fiber is therapeutic, tactile, and sensual. The process is all-absorbing; the results are uniquely satisfying.

For me, handknitting represents passionate flirtation and experimentation with traditional techniques, tools, and stitches with new and vintage materials to produce non-traditional work. Whether worn on the body or decorating a home, my pieces are an extension of my being, a source of creative expression for me, and a process that brings joy to the beholder.

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Pam Kellogg said...

Louise, your artists statement is wonderful! And your blue bag to the right of this post, I want one! Please let me know what you charge for these? I love this!


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